A certified credit counsellor is happy to explain your best options for breaking free of debt.


Got debt?

A recent survey conducted by Angus Reid for Credit Counselling Canada revealed that one in four Canadians have no idea where to turn to for help when they find themselves in financial difficulty.

Review the following Got Debt? infographic to learn more.

If you’re one of millions of Canadians with mounting debts problems and more and more bills vying for your hard-earned dollars, you don’t have to go it alone.  No debt situation is hopeless. You too can break free of debt – with the right kind of help.



“We want to thank you and your staff for the help and guidance that we have received throughout the Debt Repayment Program. The program did not only solve our immediate financial problems, but taught us how to budget and plan for the rest of our lives. We cannot overstate the importance of the lessons we have learned and the impact that the program has had on our lives.”

Sandy C., Credit Counselling Service of Atlantic Canada