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CCC’s Annual Members Conference held during June 7-8, 2021, represented Canada’s key stakeholders in the financial services industry including the FCAC, OSB and Canadian Tire Bank. The sessions were very informative, enlightening, and inspiring. Conference attendees were happy to interact with the presenters on topics of utmost importance to the industry right now. Whilst the gathering had to be virtual this year, we absolutely enjoyed the energy and cheer participants brought to the event. It was great to see the high-energy vibes of the discussion boards, chatrooms, polls, virtual meetups, networking sessions and heart-felt messages that were a testament to the dedication and tireless efforts of our valued members who have impacted millions of indebted Canadians.

Without the unwavering support of Canada’s Government, and major Financial Institutions, we would not be able to reach countless Canadians with much needed financial advice, counselling, educational resources, practical and feasible debt management plans customized to individual clients.

It has been CCC’s joy and honor in keeping with the annual tradition of presenting the Credit Counselling Canada 2021 award to Canadian Tire Bank, who have been unequivocal in their passion and commitment to strengthen the most financially vulnerable in our communities.

Our deepest appreciation also goes out to all Financial Institutions that have worked with us in the past decades to fulfil the mandate to help Canadians on the path to financial freedom. None of this would have been possible without them.

As always, CCC stands at the forefront of advocacy initiatives on behalf of those in need of an accredited, non-profit source to help during such times of uncertainty and change. Clients who walk through our doors and avail of our services, never leave the same. With the voice of truth and caring that has their interests at heart, they can breathe easier, thankful for the helping hand in navigating their difficult circumstances. Together, we are helping our communities, one family at a time!

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