Each year, Credit Counselling Canada (CCC) takes time to recognize outstanding individuals, organizations and groups who contribute to not-for-profit credit counselling. For 2019, the credit counselling award recipients are as follows:

Credit Counselling Canada Award

This award recognizes a person, group or company that has supported the mission of not-for-profit credit counselling broadly or assisted in a specific endeavour with a member agency.

Scott Hannah (L), CCC Board Member, & Jane Rooney

The 2019 Award recipient, Jane Rooney, was appointed in April 2014 as Canada’s first Financial Literacy Leader.

Since then, Jane has worked tirelessly across Canada to bring awareness of the need.  Her goal: to expand the level of financial literacy across all age and cultural demographics. Through collaboration and coordination, she has focused her efforts on building partnerships, sharing of materials and expertise. Her work has strengthened the knowledge, skills and confidence of Canadians to make sound and responsible financial decisions.

Recently appointed Senior Advisor with the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada, Jane established a National Steering Committee on Financial Literacy. The steering committee was a finalist in the country award category in the Child & Youth Finance International’s Global Inclusion Awards in Stockholm, Sweden in November 2016.

With Jane’s support, our member agencies enjoy access to the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC) and have shared our expertise and collaterals with FCAC staff and departments.

Credit Counselling Canada Exceptional Service Award

This award recognizes distinguished service or a special contribution above and beyond normal duties by an agency staff member to clients and/or the community.

CCC Exceptional Service Award Winner

Andrew Nicholson, CCC Board Member, (L) & Karina Arancibia

Congratulations to Karina Arancibia, Credit Counsellor with Credit Canada Debt Solutions (CCDS). Karina Arancibia is truly a remarkable staff member and a strong advocate for her clients. A true veteran, Karina joined CCDS in 1993. Since then, she has been a tremendous asset to the agency. Karina has passionately championed her clients, her agency and the credit counselling industry delivering exceptional service.  And has done so for twenty-six years.

“Karina Arancibia was so friendly and unassuming. She didn’t make me feel like I was being judged in an otherwise stressful situation where I am feeling embarrassed and ashamed of the state I’ve gotten into. Great first meeting and consult!”- Credit counselling client

Karina remains enthusiastic.  She continues to look for creative and innovative ways to make improvements in her agency.  Her exceptional client service goes beyond her day-to-day counselling. Karina volunteers her time and expertise for special projects and has conducted numerous money management and budgeting workshops to assist her community.

Congratulations to all 2019 credit counselling award nominees.  Thank you also to those who took time to write and submit nominations. To learn more about the great work that takes place in the credit counselling industry, please visit the member highlights section on our blog.

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