About Us

Our members operate nation-wide. Hundreds of thousands of Canadians have benefited from their support and you can too!


Credit Counselling Canada works with hundreds of national financial institutions, ranging from online lenders to major banks.

Creditor Relations
“I’m not sure what to do about my debt.”

Many of these lenders have supported the work of credit counselling for decades, by providing volunteers to work with individual agencies, donating financial support for counselling/educational programs and accepting debt management program proposals most often waiving interest charges to the debtors.

”Speaking with a non‑profit credit counsellor is so helpful.”
Creditor Relations

This support, combined with funding from levels of government, United Way and various other sources enables our members to provide counselling and educations to individuals and families across Canada at no cost.

Creditor Relations
“It feels so good to have a plan and be able to finally sleep at night.”


We encourage all financial institutions to stay up to date with the not-for-profit credit counselling industry. We’re making this easier with a quarterly newsletter, containing information specific to you.