We are pleased to announce that our member Community Financial Counselling Services in conjunction with SEED Winnipeg has been selected by Prosper Canada as one of Canada’s first Financial Empowerment Champions. This is a testament to their proven leadership in providing quality financial programs that help people in their communities to enhance their financial well-being.
“ The FEC Project will make it possible for Community Financial Counselling Services and SEED Winnipeg to not only enhance our internal financial empowerment programs but to also develop new partnerships with others to expand the scale of financial empowerment in the whole community.” – John Silver, CFCS
Prosper Canada will provide each organization with up to $150,000 in funding annually over 5 years and the training, tools and resources they need to measurably improve the financial well-being of 175,000 Canadians living on low incomes in their communities.
Community Financial Conselling Service’s history in the community reaches back over four decades. They’ve been helping Manitobans solve their debt issues and providing other financial support programs since 1974.

Announcing Canada’s first Financial Empowerment Champions – Prosper Canada

prosper canada finacial empowerment champions

Photo Credit: Prosper Canada

Prosper Canada is pleased to announce the selection of organizations as Canada’s first Financial Empowerment Champions.


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