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Credit Counselling Canada, the national association for non-profit credit counselling agencies in Canada, has appointed Stacy Yanchuk Oleksy as its new CEO.

Stacy will focus on advancing Credit Counselling Canada’s central initiatives working alongside numerous national organizations, including money lenders, major banks and the Government. She will be working on building relationships with key stakeholders and widening the horizon of non-profit credit counselling.

Stacy holds a Master’s of Science in Family Ecology, a Professional Coach certificate, an HR Leadership certificate, and is also a Certified Educator in Personal Finance. Her extensive portfolio includes leading a credit counselling team for several years, and a financial education team for the last 9 years. She has served Credit Counselling Canada as a member of the Education and PR Committees, as well as a Board member. She is a frequent contributor and voice of influence in the area of finances, reaching Canadians through news outlets such as Global, CBC, CTV, The Star, Canadian Living, and Oakville News. Prior to working in the credit counselling industry, she worked in the employment industry helping people find jobs.

Stacy and her husband Brad reside in picturesque British Columbia, where they enjoy life close to nature on their farm with their beloved pets. When not at work, she loves to read, explore outdoors and work with stained glass.For more information about Credit Counselling Canada, click here. To arrange an interview with Stacy, submit a request here.