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Our members operate nation-wide. Hundreds of thousands of Canadians have benefited from their support and you can too!


When working with any professional, whether it is your mechanic or a credit counsellor, you want to make sure you are getting the best service possible. Accreditation and certification helps to ensure the person delivering the service meets a superior standard of quality.

Credit Counselling Canada is committed to ensuring a high quality of credit counselling services nationally, for consumers and partners. This is achieved through the Credit Counselling Canada Accreditation Program.

Accreditation within Credit Counselling Canada is a requirement of membership. All new members are required to complete the Accreditation Program within a year of their acceptance as a member.


The Accreditation Program goals are:

  • To meet client expectations for superior service.
  • To achieve consistent best practices for excellence in service delivery across the country.
  • To reinforce the professional credibility of credit counselling services.
  • To ensure the on-going support of creditors and stakeholders.

The Accreditation Program encourages a commitment to continuous improvement, growth and change to build stronger organizations that best meet consumer needs. Credit Counselling Canada monitors accreditation through annual compliance reporting to guarentee continued quality of service and consistency.

The Credit Counselling Canada Accreditation Program employs outcome based assessment tools to assure a standard of service quality in the following areas:

Organizational Integrity

The agency provides a variety of services to the communities it serves including, but not limited to, comprehensive money management education to clients and the community, and counselling and debt repayment programs for consumers.

  • The agency’s mission and purpose is being fulfilled.
  • The agency’s operations are transparent to the public.
  • The agency engages in strategic planning.
  • The volunteer board functions in an oversight role, with clarity of purpose and protection of its governance focus.
  • A balanced board is representative of both the community’s makeup, known stakeholders and reflects the agency’s need for expertise.
  • Board member turnover supports renewal.  

Risk Management

Liability is minimized through risk mitigation measures.

  • The agency is protected from contractual liability.
  • The agency’s capital assets are safeguarded.
  • The confidentiality of the agency’s records is protected.
  • The agency provides a safe environment for staff, clients, board members and the general public who use their premises.
  • The agency maintains its’ integrity by complying with all applicable laws and regulations for all jurisdictions in which it operates.

Financial Stewardship

The agency is fiscally accountable.

  • Financial risk is minimized for clients.
  • The agency’s financial assets are safeguarded.

Human Resources

Agency staff is qualified, competent, and well trained.

  • The hiring practices are fair and equitable.
  • Staff understand the terms and the conditions of their employment.
  • The agency’s work environment is conducive to staff making their best contribution possible.

Program Delivery

Clients are able to access services easily.

  • The agency’s DRP clients are successful in repaying their debts within prescribed time frames.
  • Clients are satisfied with the service.
  • Clients’ rights are protected.
  • The agency’s programs meet or exceed relevant legislation requirements.
  • Client files are current and contain the information required for case management.
  • Consumers are better educated about money management principles and practices.
  • The agency promotes itself in the community(s) served.


Our members’ not-for-profit status coupled with our accreditation measures assures compliance to the highest ethical standards and best business practices. This ensures consumers get a top-quality credit counselling experience.

In addition to ongoing compliance to rigorous standards at the organizational level, the quality of service by credit counselling staff is also guaranteed. All counselling staff must achieve an Accredited Financial Counsellor Canada® designation and comply with our code of Ethics and Standards of Practice established and monitored by our accreditation process.

If you are a not-for-profit agency interested in becoming an accredited member of Credit Counselling Counselling please contact us today for more information. If you have a complaint about a member agency regarding a violation of the accreditation standards or membership requirements, please reach out directly to the Association CEO . CCC will acknowledge and reply to formal complaints within 2 business days. You can view CCC’s Complaint Resolution Process here.

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