The Credit Counselling Canada (CCC) Board of Directors is pleased to welcome Michelle Pommells as the new Chief Executive Officer of CCC. Michelle is known for her advanced skill set in strategic business planning and her complementary strengths in the areas of problem solving, project management, and data analysis. As the nation’s largest not-for-profit credit counselling association, CCC believes these skills and strengths will be of great value to both the organization and to the not-for-profit credit counselling sector as a whole.

Michelle has more than twenty years of experience working in business development and marketing specializing in product and project management, program development, communications and strategic planning for not-for-profit and for-profit organizations.

Her most recent roles include President & CEO of Home Suite Hope Shared Living Corp.; a Halton based charitable organization helping to eliminate poverty, and Vice President of Development for a family-focused national charitable organization.

Michelle Pommells

As the Chief Executive Officer of Credit Counselling Canada, she will continue the great work of Patricia White to promote the value of not-for-profit credit counselling and support member agencies in maintaining the highest standards. In addition to the growth of on-going initiatives, she will lead the organization and its members as new opportunities and services are identified to meet the needs of future clients.

The members of Credit Counselling Canada are transforming lives and helping people get on a better financial footing every day. I am so pleased to be part of an organization that supports such a dedicated team of professionals.  Michelle Pommells

Founded in 2000, Credit Counselling Canada is the national association and accrediting body of 18 members nation-wide.

Credit Counselling Canada’s core values are trust, credibility and advocacy.

  • CCC promotes the trust of its members who provide objective services in the not-for-profit credit counselling sector.
  • CCC ensures credibility with consistent, high quality standards of practice of members.
  • CCC provides advocacy on behalf of members with respect to consumer financial literacy.

Please join us in welcoming Michelle Pommells as the new Chief Executive Officer of Credit Counselling Canada.

Submitted by: Denise Lockhart, Board Chair

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