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Our certified non-profit credit counsellors provide objective guidance and information, always keeping your best interests in mind.


Our members have helped millions of consumers improve their financial fitness over the decades. Here are a few of their stories.

“My child support was suddenly cut off and my income cut in half.” Linda Ross

It got to the point where Linda couldn’t keep up with her debt payments. It was getting harder to keep up the illusion that everything was under control. With the help of Credit Counselling Society , she now feels like she has got a grip on things.

“Suddenly the anxiety and weight on my shoulders went away.” Angela MacKinnon-Daoust

Debt was crushing Angela, physically and emotionally. Angela was a single homeowner trying to make ends meet when things started to go wrong. She turned to Credit Counselling Services of Atlantic Canada for help. Suddenly the anxiety and weight on her shoulders went away. She had someone there to hold her hand and help her get through it to the finish line. Now the only debt she has is her mortgage!

If I hadn’t gone on the Debt Management Program (DMP) I would have continued to use my credit cards and my life would have been a disaster. I feel like I have control now.
Jeffrey S.

Overall, my experience with the DMP was excellent. There were frustrating moments but my counsellor was patient and helped me do what I needed to do. Thank You. I was very happy to successfully complete the program. I could not have done it without my counsellor.
Elisabeth W.

You have helped me stay on track and reduce my stress! Thanks again!  I had a recent phone meeting with [my counsellor]; he was absolutely wonderful, no judgement, answered all of my questions, and made sure I fully understood everything. Great experience. I am so grateful for all the sound advise.
Susan K.

Our couple’s counsellor recommended Thunder Bay Counselling Centre, to my husband and myself in May of 2020. We were going through a separation and working on restoring our marriage. We needed to  talk openly about our finances in a neutral space.

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Our couple’s counsellor recommended Thunder Bay Counselling Centre, to my husband and myself in May of 2020. We were going through a separation and working on restoring our marriage. We needed to talk openly about our finances in a neutral space. The Financial Counsellor was clear, open, and gentle moving forward with us through a process of getting our information together and reviewing it each month. Our situation was tense and we had a hard time talking about our finances but the counsellor gave us a space where we both felt comfortable. Our marriage has not survived the last year. The counsellor has continued to work with me independently as I go through the divorce process. I want to move ahead financially secure and knowing what my changed living expenses are and how I can expect to be living day to day after the divorce ends. I am scared moving forward as this is the first time in my life that I have been completely independent. I am smart, and strong, and being financially independent is new and slightly terrifying. That I feel this way bothers me. I do have fear around being financially stable moving forward. Having a check in with the program each month gives me accountability. The service and support I have received from my Financial Counsellor has been a welcoming and safe place to share my financial and personal information. I have been working with her Since May of 2020 to the present March of 2021. I look forward to being able to rely on her services as my divorce is settled and I relax heading into my new reality.
Jason & Hellen R.

I don’t know where I would be if it wasn’t for the agency and Financial Counselling. This program has helped me beyond my finances and I appreciate  everything they have done and continue to do. I would be in a very bad spot if it wasn’t for them. I look forward to my future now in being able to own my own home and start a life over.
Ashley B.

Since completing the program with your agency I have carried on with the skills I built with everyone’s assistance. I have a credit rating once again, 2 credit cards which I keep paid off at all times, two small savings accounts and all bills paid on time. I manage part time with my current employer. On top of it all I seem to be doing even better during this crisis.
William B.

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