Financial Literacy

Keep up with the latest tips and ideas for building a brighter financial future.

The holidays are fast approaching and budgets are really tight this year.  The good news is that there are ton of ways to better manage your money – including using online resources. Credit Counselling Canada members offer a wide range of online financial literacy tools that can help you tidy up your finances and sharpen your financial management skills. These tools help with topics such as; budgeting, debt management, planning for retirement, handling credit, saving and more.

Online financial literacy tools

Here are the top 6 online financial literacy tools offered by our members:

7 Steps Money Management Workbook- This is offered by the Credit Counselling Society and is a valuable financial literacy tool for anyone who wants to know how to budget efficiently. It outlines everything involved in setting up a simple budget in 7 easy steps, giving users a handy guide to keeping their expenses below their income on an ongoing basis.

Online Personal Budgeting Webinars – Webinars are a popular way for busy individuals to learn whenever and wherever they have time. The Credit Counselling Society puts on free personal budgeting webinars on a regular basis. These are geared towards teaching personal budgeting strategies rather than family budgeting.

Online Financial Courses – For those who prefer to learn over a longer period and who may not have the time to attend traditional classes, Money Mentors offer online financial courses. Courses are free and topics covered include; budgeting, managing credit, debt management, retirement planning and much more.

Surviving a Layoff Booklet – This handy booklet is offered by Credit Canada Debt Solutions and provides advice for those who find themselves suddenly without an income. There are valuable tips for dealing with creditors including template letters to use for communicating your situation.

It’s Your Right: Protecting Yourself Financially as You Age Toolkit – This is offered by Family Service PEI and is geared towards helping seniors protect and empower themselves financially as they age and become more vulnerable. It’s a perfect financial literacy tool for seniors who value their independence and who want to remain in control of their financial lives.

Money Mentors Podcast – This podcast, offered by Money Mentors, is a new initiative broadcasting interviews with money experts. The topics discussed are wide and varied and the format makes for easy learning while on the go.

Credit Counselling Canada members work hard to empower Canadians to better manage their money. To learn more about the education initiatives taking place through not-for-profit credit counselling, visit our financial literacy education page.

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