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Keep up with the latest tips and ideas for building a brighter financial future.

You can be debt-free! Does that feel like an elusive dream? Striving to make ends meet, uncertain about your financial future, hoping for a brighter tomorrow for your family? Don’t despair for there is hope. Just pause, and let’s take stock of where you are on the path to your dreams, and help you plan the best path forward.

Today can be the beginning of the best days of your life. It begins with those baby-steps, small things that help you set a good foundation, and orient you in the right direction!

  1. Don’t let society influence your priorities. An expensive vacation, fancy car, house bigger than you can afford, or an irresistible clothes sale cannot really give you the security you desire. Social Media is full of carefully curated pictures of one’s life and experiences, masked by a spectrum of filters. Happiness is not in living up to the ideals of others, spending more than will really bring you joy.
  2. It is tempting to be swayed by a flash sale, but money not spent is money saved. Keep those items in your virtual cart a little longer, and sleep over it before you make the purchase. It is best to save money and wait until you can pay in cash.
  3. Setting financial goals can be a key motivator in being able to say no to things that can wait, things that would delay your reaching the finish line of your goal. Keep them clear, easy, and doable. What matters more than how much you can set aside every month, is the habit of saving!
  4. Cut your budget where you can. This can mean spending less on entertainment, saying no to an invitation to dinner or partying, dropping brand names for local merch, and cooking at home instead of choosing take-out! Learn to stretch every dollar. The security of money in your account is lot more rewarding than a passing pleasure.
  5. A stitch in time can save nine! Look for those tell-tale signs. Our short quiz here, can help you assess your financial health, like checking your blood pressure at the pharmacy.

Sometimes in life, we need a guide or coach to help us grow to the next level. If you need the right person walking alongside you to help you navigate those sharp financial curves and someone who has your interests at heart, take the quiz and reach out. Credit Counselling Canada’s team of caring, dedicated, accredited, not-for-profit counsellors love helping others, talking about money and reminding you that you’re not alone. We have helped more than a million Canadians through our financial literacy, counselling and low-cost debt solutions. Our passion is strong as ever, to help indebted Canadians get back on the road to their financial dreams.

Leave us a message here, and a counsellor in your area will be in touch. When you need help, we are here for you!

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Learn more about debt management and budgeting from a certified non-profit credit counsellor if you need to break free of debt.

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Is debt knocking you down? We can help you get back on track. Talk to a non-profit credit counsellor about your options.

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Make improving your #financial situation a priority. You can book a free appointment to speak with a certified non-profit credit counsellor.

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CCC’s Board Treasurer and CEO talk about myths around debt. Click below to read more. @CPAcanada

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If you need help with debt management, budgeting or general financial education, speak to a certified, non-profit credit counsellor today.

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You have options for your debt situation. Our non-profit credit counsellors are ready to help if you need guidance.

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