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 Credit Counselling Canada is the leading accrediting body for Canada’s non-profit, certified credit counsellors and a trusted source for consumers seeking help with debt problems. 

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Why a Bill of Rights for Canadians in Debt?

There is a pressing need to enshrine consumer rights around ethical, unbiased and safe debt counselling. This is especially true, perhaps now more than ever, as Canadians face unprecedented financial challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Credit Counselling Canada and its cross-country member agencies of non-profit credit and financial counsellors are advocating for greater access to and transparency around debt relief options available to consumers. 

We have developed a Bill of Rights to help you discern what kind of services you should expect when working with a reputable non-profit credit counselling agency.  Use the Bill of Rights as a reference point to ensure you are getting safe, affordable and high quality services.

“We want to thank you and your staff for the help and guidance that we have received throughout the Debt Repayment Program. The program did not only solve our immediate financial problems, but taught us how to budget and plan for the rest of our lives. We cannot overstate the importance of the lessons we have learned and the impact that the program has had on our lives.”

Sandy C., Credit Counselling Service of Atlantic Canada