In Canada, many of your rights as a consumer are set out by consumer protection legislation that covers the most common consumer transactions.

No Matter What You Owe – You Have Rights

You have the right to be treated in a fair and reasonable manner. Provincial legislation guarantees this right, outlining strict and respectful debt collection and communication practices that creditors and debt collection agencies must follow.

Creditors and debt collectors cannot disclose confidential information about you without your consent. They have a legal responsibility to protect your privacy.

You have the right to request proof that confirms a debt is legally owed. In the case of a dispute, you’re within your rights to request a statement to provide proof of any outstanding balance.

You Also Have Responsibilities

Keep yourself well informed about fair collection practices and take the necessary steps to live within your means and manage debt.

Be upfront with collectors and take the time and opportunity to explain your situation. Creditors are much more likely to work with you when you are open and honest.

Deal with creditors and debt collectors in a respectful and forthright manner. Never make commitments you know you cannot keep.

If your money problems have become too big to deal with on your own, a certified credit counsellor will be happy to analyze your situation, discuss your options, and help you take steps to stop the debt collection calls. There is an answer to your debt situation. Do not give up!