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Debt can be overwhelming and confusing. You always have options. Our certified, nonprofit credit counsellors are ready to help and are just a phone call away.

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Now is a key time to speak with a nonprofit credit counsellor about ways to reduce your debt and financial obligations. Sign up (link below) before Dec 3, and quote promo code BEDEBTFREE for a free checkup & a chance for a cool prize giveaway. #BeDebtFree
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Why pay more than you need for debt help? @Creditcc members have helped thousands of Canadians navigate their finances since the start of the pandemic. Choose a nonprofit counsellor who puts your needs first, who works for you, not for profit. #BeDebtFree
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Open this: Financial literacy skills you learn last a lifetime. Working with a nonprofit counsellor significantly lowers the risk that you will ever be in debt again.

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Do you have debt? @Creditcc members are offering a free financial health checkup to anyone in Canada with #debt! Sign up on our website before December 3rd using the promo code BEDEBTFREE and become eligible for a free prize giveaway. #BeDebtFree
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Would you know where to turn if you hit debt rock bottom? Nearly four-in-10 (37%) #Canadians would have no idea where to turn when facing it themselves. If you've got debt. Give us a call. Our non-profit credit counsellors can help. Creditcc photo