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This year’s Exceptional Service Award winner, Karina Arancibia, is truly a remarkable staff member and a strong advocate for her clients. Karina joined Credit Canada Debt Solutions (CCDS) in 1993 and since then has been a tremendous asset to the agency. For twenty-six years, she has been a passionate champion for her clients, her agency and the credit counselling industry delivering exceptional service.

karina Arancibia receives the exceptional service award

Andrew Nicholson (L), CCC Board Member, and award winner Karina Arancibia

Karina’s counselling style is to consistently take a very active role in the success of her clients.  She empowers them. She listens and understands their needs. She teaches them how to make good financial decisions and provides the tools they need to realize their financial goals.

This exceptional service is reflected in Karina’s positive client feedback.  She is always respectful, compassionate, and non-judgmental.

“Karina Arancibia was so friendly and unassuming. She didn’t make me feel like I was being judged in an otherwise stressful situation where I am feeling embarrassed and ashamed of the state I’ve gotten into. Great first meeting and consult!”

Our 2019 award recipient often accommodates clients outside of her regular work hours to ensure they have a good understanding of their options, creating confidence about their next steps.

An enormous weight has been lifted with a couple of phone calls. Truly a service for the masses. [Karina] was a kind, friendly and effective representative [who] guided me through and it was done. Thank you so much!”

Credit Canada Debt Solutions has several initiatives to give back to the community. In one special program, staff organize a collection to provide assistance to a number of clients over the Christmas holidays. Karina actively tracks her needy clients every year so that she can nominate them for the holiday support program.

After 26 years, Karina remains enthusiastic and continues to look for creative and innovative ways to make improvements in her agency.  Her exceptional client service goes beyond her day-to-day counselling. Karina volunteers her time and expertise for special projects and has conducted numerous money management and budgeting workshops to assist her community.

“[Karina] … was amazing, she knew her stuff, she was calm and comforting … I felt so much better after talking to her … she was reassuring and I’m glad I went there.”

Since Karina has been with CCDS, she has been an integral link to the Spanish speaking community, advocating for their financial needs.

She works hard to see that the Spanish community have access to services within CCDS as well as other public programs. She has travelled to other community agencies to maintain positive partnerships; ensuring referrals are made to agency services for both English and Spanish speaking communities.  And when insolvency options are required, Karina’s connections with Spanish speaking trustees provide her clients with professional help.

Karina remains involved with numerous initiatives to promote CCDS services. She goes above and beyond to help consumers create awareness of their financial options and provides the available tools to help them make informed decisions. She is also a certified professional life coach.

Her exceptional service is featured on local radio and in print. She was the radio host of As Woman on, a Spanish speaking Toronto based radio station. She is a financial and life blogger and contributed financial blogs that were featured on CCDS’ website.  Karina was an editor of Magazine,  interviewed by the National Post and also appeared on Global TV’s, Ask the Expert.

Many congratulations to Karina Arancibia, the CCC Exceptional Service Award winner for 2019. To read about previous award winners, visit the Credit Counselling section on our blog.

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